Experienced Commercial Debt Collection Lawyer

Having debtors owe you or your business money can be potentially catastrophic for your business.  It can eat into your profit margins and, if you are extremely unlucky, could leave you in debt.  With the help of Mount Law PLLC, you can recover the money that is owed to your business.  Attorney Lydia Elizondo Mount has experience helping businesses pursue what is rightly theirs.  Whether you are a one-man operation or you employ hundreds, Mount Law, PLLC can help you recover what is owed to you.

The Commercial Debt Collection Process

Some debt collection can be accomplished with correspondence to the debtor.  Oftentimes, this acts as a warning of future proceedings and inspires the debtor to pay what is owed or, at the very least, arrange a repayment plan. However, when a debtor resists collection efforts, it can become necessary to pursue litigation.  If litigation is required, Mount Law, PLLC will help you and your business pursue your debtors through a litigation process designed to collect what is owed to you.

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Mount Law, PLLC is a leading commercial debt collection law firm.  Call now and find out what attorney Lydia Elizondo Mount can do for you and your business.