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Criminal Defense

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need strong criminal defense representation to help you defend your rights. Whether you plan to fight the charges or work to reduce them, a criminal defense attorney can help you take a strong approach.

Attorney Lydia Elizondo believes all Texans are owed representation from a compassionate and committed criminal defense attorney, and she would be proud to fight on your behalf.


Texas Criminal Trials, Charges, and Exonerations

Texas imprisons more of its citizens than any other democracy on Earth. The state also leads the country in the number of people who have been exonerated after being found guilty of a crime. 

Roughly 95%
of Criminal Trials End in
Plea Bargaining

363 People
Have Been Exonerated In Texas Since 1989

840 Texans
Per Every 100,000 Are Incarcerated

Texas imprisons more innocent people than any other state. Fight for your freedom with help from a criminal defense attorney.

Make a Compelling Case in Your Favor With Help From a Criminal Defense Attorney

When it comes to criminal charges, your life may be on the line. Representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you make the difference:

  • Speed up legal proceedings
  • Complete and file the proper paperwork
  • Maintain open communication about your case
  • Help you fight for your job
  • Minimize legal penalties
  • Negotiate for less or no jail time
  • Reduce the charges against you
  • Clear your name

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your rights.

Criminal charges might feel like the end of the world, but a criminal defense attorney can help you fight to maintain as much of your world as possible. Lydia will stand by your side and defend your rights to a speedy and fair trial and due process.

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