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Personal Injury


If you’ve been injured by the actions or negligence of another person or business, you deserve the right to seek financial relief for that injury, either through an insurance payout or lawsuit settlement.

Attorney Lydia Elizondo believes that all Texans should be able to rely on an experienced personal injury attorney following an accident. Lydia will fight tirelessly for you and won’t stop until you get any compensation you may be owed.

by the numbers

Texas Personal Injuries and Car Accidents

In 2021, more than 425,000 car accidents were reported in Texas. While the vast majority of car crashes are minor, thousands of people are still injured and killed in Texas crashes every year.

1 crash
per minute

1 injury Every
2 Minutes

1 Death Every
2 hours

Most of us think that a car accident will never happen to us, but you need to know about your rights to compensation in case an accident does occur.


There’s no denying that personal injuries can be incredibly costly: from medical bills to lost shifts at work, there are countless ways that an injury can drain your resources.

  • Lost relationships with loved ones
  • Scarring and other disfigurements
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Reduced ability to earn an income
  • Mental conditions, including PTSD
  • Disability expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills

Don’t wait to fight for compensation.

The cost of a personal injury is too high to risk not getting ay financial relief you may deserve. Lydia can help you fight to defend your rights to personal injury compensation.